Denis O’Hara Flyin – New Date Confirmed Saturday May 4th
UMAC EASTER BBQ New Date Confirmed.

Tommy’s Decathlon turns 40!!

Built-in 1982, Tommy’s Decathlon turns 40 this year!!
It’s survived many a Crash, Bang & Wallop but it always comes back looking like new and we’re always delighted to see it.

Stephen Browne – Fokker D7 (04 Jun 2022)

Reopening & Covid Track and Trace

Moved To New Flying site

UMAC has now moved flying site.  Our flying club has now moved to our old site, behind the stock car circuit on the Moira Road where the club was previously.  To find our new flying site Click here for directions

About Us

The Ulster Model Aircraft Club has been an active focus of building and flying model aircraft in Northern Ireland since its foundation in 1936. There was a short break in continuity in the last years of World War 2 but by 1950 many of the original members had re-established the club under a revised constitution adapted to the safe flying of R/C power models. Since then the club has maintained a core membership of around 70 members, some have played a major part in extending the sport across Ireland

    • Largest of the 26 Model Aircraft clubs in Northern Ireland which comprise B.M.F.A. Area 13, U.M.A.C. members strive to follow B.M.F.A guidelines and Safety Codes for Model Flying, Flight Training, Flying Sites etc. and all members are expected to take and pass, at least, the ‘A’ Certificate of Achievement in R/C power flying soon after joining the club.
    • B.M.F.A. are responsible for documenting and overseeing National and World records.
    • Phelim Lundy , from U.M.A.C was a member of the N. Ireland team that took part in the 2007 world Jet Masters that was held at St. Angelo Airport Enniskillen. N. Ireland. The team placed 9th overall , Phelim piloted his Avonds F15.
    • W.H.Menary, of U.M.A.C has held the British National F3A R/C Piston Motor Duration Record with a single flight of 12 hours 38 mins. 15 secs on 16 August 1996 at Nutt’s Corner. This flight established the Irish Duration Record in the same class and the Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland presented him with a medal to mark his achievement.
    • J.McCollum of U.M.A.C. was a member of the Irish Team and piloted his scratch built Volksplane to 4th place in the 1980 World Scale Championships at Ottawa, Canada.In the event he was placed 3rd in the Static category and flying in windy conditions finished 4th overall.
    • Ulster M.A.C. has a long association with the Sports Council of Northern Ireland, some members worked to gain, for model flying recognition as a sport.
    • U.M.A.C. members have collected modest sums for worthy charities.
    • In September 1986 they organised a team to fly a Super 60 across Belfast Lough from Carrickfergus to Crawfordsburn, using a motor cruiser to carry the pilot accompanying the model. Sponsors contributed more than £1000 to a hospital unit treating children who have Cystic Fibrosis.
  • In 2016 the club raised £445 for Clic Sargent, helping families of children with cancer.